“Now the Time Has Come”

“Now the Time Has Come” – Ringo Starr and Friends

Peace and love.


“We Belong”

“We Belong” – Def Leppard
Sometimes you just have to simplify things.


“Last Night in the City”

“Last Night in the City” – Duran Duran featuring Kiesza

Duran Duran mixed their Paper Gods album to sound live, so when you see a music video with the band and guest vocalist on stage, you can so easily imagine you’re watching a concert.


“Beautiful Broken”

“Beautiful Broken” – Heart

The title track from a new album that revisits “neglected” songs from the band’s catalog and also introduces three new songs. This is not the first Heart song that will make you lie awake at night asking, “Who could they be talking about?”



“Taxman” – Cheap Trick and Daryl Hall (Live from Daryl’s House)

A little paranoia among friends.