♫ “Better Without You”

“Better Without You” – Evanescence

The pride of being a survivor.

Trigger warning: strobe and lightning effects.


♫ “Till the End”

“Till the End” (live) – Toto

That moment when the clarity comes through.


♫ “Quit Waking Me Up”

“Quit Waking Me Up” – Cheap Trick

When it’s a wild time but you don’t want the dream to end. New album out now.


♫ ”Aqualung”

“Aqualung” – Jethro Tull

Official music videos didn’t exist fifty years ago. They do now.


♫ “Drifting Through the Galaxies”

“Drifting Through the Galaxies” acoustic song demo – Rick Aster

It’s an all-acoustic disco performance of a song about getting out of here. Because it’s been more than a year and we can’t actually travel yet.