♫ “Nothing Else Matters”

“Nothing Else Matters” – PG Roxette

Give six musicians from Roxette a Metallica song to play. Tell them it has to sound like Roxette. It turns out nothing else matters.


♫ “She’s On Fire”

“She’s On Fire” – Billy F. Gibbons

Lighting up the room with that bright red sedan. New album Hardware out now.


♫ “Shadow Dancing”

“Shadow Dancing” – Dee Gees

When it gets so late that you don’t know whether you’re chasing a person or a shadow.


♫ “Abracadabra”

“Abracadabra” – Arnel Pineda featuring Joel Hoekstra

Half of a magic spell is intention.


♫ “The Ice Bridge”

“The Ice Bridge” – Yes

The point of no return was somewhere back there. On into the unknown. From the forthcoming album The Quest, produced by guitarist Steve Howe.