♫ “Ghost Town”

Last in Line – “Ghost Town”

Which way to turn? New album coming soon.


♫ “Hunt the Flame”

Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – Hunt the Flame

That feeling when you know you’re here for a reason. From the album of the same name.


♫ “A Man With No Direction”

Cross Country Driver – “A Man With No Direction”

You’ll know who you are when you get there. New album The New Truth.


♫ “Ginnungagap”

Jethro Tull – “Ginnungagap”

Origins and origami define a sense of place. New album Rökflöte coming this year.


♫ “I’m Done With You”

Riverside – “I’m Done With You”

Some people are there only to give you a wake up call. New album ID.Entity, January 20.