♫ “Breakout”

“Breakout” – Night Ranger

Some days, even a storm-damaged storefront in the desert makes you feel like you got out.


♫ “Saturday Night (Hallelujah)”

“Saturday Night (Hallelujah)” – Eclipse

Hallelujah for the weekend. If you were waiting for AC/DC to play a Bon Jovi song, try this one. New album later this year.


♫ “Brave New World”

“Brave New World” – Styx

Change is in the air. A new video for a classic science fiction rock song.


♫ “Hellfire Thunderbolt”

“Hellfire Thunderbolt” – KK’s Priest

The more electric side of heavy metal, from two former Judas Priest members, K.K. Downing and Tim “Ripper” Owens. Album Sermons of the Sinner coming August 21, 2021.


♫ “Stand It Up”

“Stand It Up” acoustic song demo – Rick Aster

The transition from being in front of people to working online — it’s not easy for anyone.


♫ “Alone Too Long”

“Alone Too Long” – John Hall

If you can see it in others, it might be getting to you too.


♫ “Joyride”

“Joyride” – Roxette

For the 30th anniversary, the Joyride video is reedited and remastered in cinematic high definition. It feels and looks like another world.


♫ “Crash of the Crown”

“Crash Of The Crown” (drummer video) – Styx

That moment when you have to stop and ask questions. What happened? Where are we? The album of the same name is set for release June 18.


♫ “The Rising”

“The Rising” – Nancy Wilson

A scaled-up version of the Bruce Springsteen song. Debut album You and Me out now.