♫ “Neutral Ground” ♫

“Neutral Ground” – Billy Sherwood

The advance video from the upcoming album What Was the Question? recalls some of the angst of the 2003 Conspiracy album The Unknown.


♫ “I’ll Give You A Ring” ♫

“I’ll Give You A Ring” – John Montagna

A song from an obscure B-side played on bass for Paul McCartney’s 69th birthday.


♫ “We Can Fly” ♫

“We Can Fly”Yes

Yes’s first single in ten years is the most famous song the band never recorded — till now. Album to follow, July 12.


♫ “Walls” ♫

“Walls” – Trevor Rabin and Roger Hodgson

This song was the second single from the Yes Talk album and the one song fans tend to remember from that album. Here is the early version of the song, sung by its two writers.