“Cover Each Other”

“Cover Each Other” – Roadcase Royale

Why would anyone go it alone when togetherness includes a couple of loud rock guitars?


“Highway to Hell”

“Highway to Hell” – Billy Joel and Axl Rose

It’s one of the famous early AC/DC songs, but what would it sound like cleaned up ever so slightly? We found out Friday night in Minneapolis when two storied names in rock crossed paths while on tour. Yes, that is Billy Joel pounding out the power chords on guitar.


“Paranoiac Personality”

“Paranoiac Personality” – Alice Cooper

After a decade of high-concept albums calculated to appeal to long-time fans, Alice Cooper returns with an album that will draw in new fans. Paranormal is in pre-order. And diehard fans don’t need to worry — if the advance single is any indication, Alice is still as psychological and disturbing as ever.



“Unify” (lyric video) — World Trade

If World Trade fans seem excited, there is a reason — the four original members of the band have recorded a new album for the first time in almost 30 years. The new album Unify is coming in August.


“Do It Again”

“Do It Again” – Mike Love featuring Mark McGrath and John Stamos

This song was a big hit for the Beach Boys 49 years ago. It’s hard to imagine a title that calls for a remake more directly than “Do It Again” does, so here is an impromptu new recording of the song with a video that the drummer, Stamos, produced “during the afternoon in the group's hotel.”


“Now the Time Has Come”

“Now the Time Has Come” – Ringo Starr and Friends

Peace and love.