♫ “Just In Sight”

“Just In Sight” – Arc of Life

Sometimes all you can do is lay low and await divine guidance.


♫ “Don’t Put It Down”

“Don’t Put It Down” acoustic song demo – Rick Aster

Now is the time to do that thing.


♫ “Nature’s Light”

“Nature’s Light” – Blackmore’s Night

Sunshine is the new queen. New album by the same name coming March 12.


♫ “I Want To Know You Better”

“I Want To Know You Better” – Arc of Life

Life moves at the speed of light, but there’s still time for love.


♫ “Social Debris”

“Social Debris” – Alice Cooper

The new album, coming this month, is described as an ode to Detroit. That’s the Detroit of half a century ago when it was the haven for “angry hard rock.” With producer Bob Ezrin, the new single sounds like a song from that era.


♫ “These Photo Tags Are All Wrong”

“These Photo Tags Are All Wrong” – Rick Aster

That feeling when the Internet’s record of your history is different from what you want to remember.


♫ “Looking for the Light”

“Looking for the Light” – Transatlantic

Get up off that pavement and find the truth. New album The Absolute Universe available worldwide on Friday.


♫ “Black Swan”

“Black Swan” – Flower Kings

Another black swan. You can’t claim you saw this one coming.


♫ “Too Late For Love”

“Too Late For Love” – Chez Kane

Can those hot-shot singers really sing like that? Here’s one who has video evidence.


♫ “Drive It Like You Stole It”

“Drive It Like You Stole It” (live) – Smackbound

New year. New you. You have something important to do. With the sirens on.