“Friend or Foe”

“Friend or Foe” (live) – t.A.T.u.

Life doesn’t always make sense, but live music — that makes sense.


Sam Coulson Solo

Unaccompanied guitar solo – Sam Coulson (on Asia tour)

If you want to be a “phenom,” it helps if you can play guitar like this.


“Heaven on Earth”

Life, Love & Hope is the first Boston album in the Twitter era. The song “Heaven on Earth” reminds us that life and work can be hard sometimes. (Album release announcement)


“Ponder The Mystery”

“Ponder The Mystery” – William Shatner

Just a long list of things to think about. The new single.


“Home Again”

“Home Again” – Elton John

Thinking of taking a trip for the weekend? A piano player from England has a destination to suggest.


“Holy Lamb”

“Holy Lamb” (live) – Yes

Reaching out for peace, from the Big Generator tour.



“New” – Paul McCartney

It’s fresh. It’s peppy. It’s out there. The new Paul McCartney single. Album in 7 weeks.


“Children’s Concerto”

“Children’s Concerto” (live on piano) – Patrick Moraz

Written as a Moody Blues prelude, but perhaps better heard on solo piano. From the 1995 Windows of Time tour.


“Let’s Drive”

“Let’s Drive” – John Oates

A smooth and passionate new single. The perfect song for a sunny weekend.


“The Reflex”

Video download. Because Duran Duran Appreciation Day.


From Here There & Everywhere promo

From Here There & Everywhere promo - Circa


Belly Dancing Workshop

Legendary Atlantic City belly dancer Soraya demonstrates a few of the essentials of belly dance.


Rockshow Trailer

The concert film of Wings at their peak, on their 1976 tour. Why is it available only now, after all these years? Don’t ask — just watch this one-minute trailer.



“Craiglist” – “Weird Al” Yankovic

You can call it a tribute if you want . . . if packing peanuts is your idea of a tribute . . .


“Ice Dreams”

“Ice Dreams.” Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Volumes 1979-2012. Computer visualization and music by Andy Lee Robinson.


“Maybe I’m Amazed”

“Maybe I’m Amazed” – Wings

The new concert film from ages ago. In cinemas next month.


Sound City

A streaming preview of the Sound City: Real to Reel soundtrack at NPR:


“Bad Reputation”

“Bad Reputation” – Willie Basse

A Thin Lizzy tribute track, with Mitch Perry on guitar.



“XI” – January’s Cloak

From FAWM 2013, here is a new neo-Baroque keyboard composition.



“Frozen” – Orianthi

Brittle guitar licks can still bite — maybe that’s it means to be “Frozen.” The new single from the forthcoming album with Dave Stewart producing.


“The Rain Song”

“The Rain Song” – Brian Tichy and friends

Continuing the Led Zeppelin tribute theme, here is a new live performance of one of Led Zeppelin’s familiar guitar tunes by a band of top-tier Los Angeles musicians (some with ties to England).