♫ “Why Are You Calling Me Now?”

“Why Are You Calling Me Now?” – Generation Radio

There is a time for everything, including questioning another’s motives. That 2 a.m. phone call might be a place to start. From the self-titled debut album.


♫ “Dead London”

“Dead London” – Jorn

We’re not as lucky as we might look. New album Over the Horizon Radar.


♫ “Beneath Your Skin”

“Beneath Your Skin” – Chaos Magic

Dreams that leave more questions than answers. New album Emerge.


♫ “I’ve Done Everything For You”

“I’ve Done Everything For You” 40th anniversary live version – Rick Springfield

A live version, 40 years later.


♫ “In Every Waking Hour”

“In Every Waking Hour” – Nordic Union

Angels have your back all day long. New album Animalistic coming in August.


♫ “Brothers in Arms”

“Brothers in Arms” – Sunstorm

The demons might get you, but you have layers upon layers of protection. Title track from the new album.


♫ “Turning Point”

“Turning Point” preproduction excerpt – Ryo Okumoto

Inner strength in a crazy world.


♫ “Spirit of the Moonrise”

“Spirit of the Moonrise” – David Paich

The prolific singer-songwriter from Toto sets his sights on the place where America meets the Moon.


♫ “The Loneliest Girl in the World”

“The Loneliest Girl in the World” – PG Roxette

She’s out there, but where?