♫ “Fire It Up”

“Fire It Up” – Def Leppard

Blow a hole in the sun at your own risk. New album Diamond Star Halos out now.


♫ “Powerzone”

“Powerzone” – Chez Kane

The next tomorrow is always there when you’re ready to go.


♫ “Uroboros”

“Uroboros” – Alan Parsons ft. Tommy Shaw

It’s a masterful and self-conscious return to the sound of the early albums from Alan Parsons. At the same time, we find out that guest vocalist Tommy Shaw is capable of sounds we never imagined. New album From the New World explores the next level of magic and is out July 15 worldwide.


♫ “New Me”

“New Me” – Corrina Taylor

The past is only a story. The future is an open sky. When you lean in a new direction, the universe shifts.