♫ “Pump It Up”

“Pump It Up” – Sammy Hagar & The Circle

There are no truly new things. They are only old things that have been pumped up.


♫ “Cage”

“Cage” – Billy Idol

You can keep your true essence under wraps and stay out of trouble, until you can’t.


♫ “Will I Belong to You”

“Will I Belong to You” – David Paich

That nagging self-doubt. New album Forgotten Toys out today.


♫ “Kings in the North”

“Kings in the North” live in studio – Crowne

They are more than you throught. You’ll see.


♫ “I Just Want You”

“I Just Want You” – Chez Kane

Never underestimate a woman who has made up her mind. New album Powerzone, October 21.


♫ “A Day in the Life”

“A Day in the Life” – Last in Line

A revolution in every moment.