♫ “Why Are You Calling Me Now?”

“Why Are You Calling Me Now?” – Generation Radio

There is a time for everything, including questioning another’s motives. That 2 a.m. phone call might be a place to start. From the self-titled debut album.


♫ “Dead London”

“Dead London” – Jorn

We’re not as lucky as we might look. New album Over the Horizon Radar.


♫ “Beneath Your Skin”

“Beneath Your Skin” – Chaos Magic

Dreams that leave more questions than answers. New album Emerge.


♫ “I’ve Done Everything For You”

“I’ve Done Everything For You” 40th anniversary live version – Rick Springfield

A live version, 40 years later.


♫ “In Every Waking Hour”

“In Every Waking Hour” – Nordic Union

Angels have your back all day long. New album Animalistic coming in August.


♫ “Brothers in Arms”

“Brothers in Arms” – Sunstorm

The demons might get you, but you have layers upon layers of protection. Title track from the new album.


♫ “Turning Point”

“Turning Point” preproduction excerpt – Ryo Okumoto

Inner strength in a crazy world.


♫ “Spirit of the Moonrise”

“Spirit of the Moonrise” – David Paich

The prolific singer-songwriter from Toto sets his sights on the place where America meets the Moon.


♫ “The Loneliest Girl in the World”

“The Loneliest Girl in the World” – PG Roxette

She’s out there, but where?


♫ “Fire It Up”

“Fire It Up” – Def Leppard

Blow a hole in the sun at your own risk. New album Diamond Star Halos out now.


♫ “Powerzone”

“Powerzone” – Chez Kane

The next tomorrow is always there when you’re ready to go.


♫ “Uroboros”

“Uroboros” – Alan Parsons ft. Tommy Shaw

It’s a masterful and self-conscious return to the sound of the early albums from Alan Parsons. At the same time, we find out that guest vocalist Tommy Shaw is capable of sounds we never imagined. New album From the New World explores the next level of magic and is out July 15 worldwide.


♫ “New Me”

“New Me” – Corrina Taylor

The past is only a story. The future is an open sky. When you lean in a new direction, the universe shifts.


♫ “Take What You Want”

“Take What You Want” – Def Leppard

No, you’re not dreaming. Welcome to our world.


♫ “Over the Horizon Radar”

“Over the Horizon Radar” – Jorn

The trials you go through to gain the gift of sight. New album of the same name, June 17.


♫ “Emerge”

“Emerge” – Chaos Magic

Don’t look over your shoulder for the truth. New album of the same name, June 17.


♫ “Walk On Ukraine”

“Walk On Ukraine” – U2

When everything goes wrong and it shows you what’s important.


♫ “Freudian Slip”

“Freudian Slip” – Treat

If the streets don’t drive you mad, then your dreams will. Album The Endgame out now.


♫ “Bring Back the Time”

“Bring Back the Time” — New Kids On The Block, Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley, En Vogue

Looking back to 1989 with the costumes and staging of some of the most memorable music videos.


♫ “Closer”

“Closer” (audio) – The Fixx

That feeling when you know your direction in life. New album Every Five Seconds, June 3.


♫ “Kick”

“Kick” (audio) – Def Leppard

Bringing back that feel-good habit. New album Diamond Star Halos now in pre-order.

Originally posted March 17. Updated March 25 with official music video.


♫ “Far From Home”

“Far From Home” – Lana Lane

You journey through all kinds of places.


♫ “Addicted to Benjamins”

“Addicted to Benjamins” – Rick Aster and Paul Nordquist

You think it’s a hundred problems, and it’s really only one.


♫ “Strange Days”

“Strange Days” – Nazareth

Some bands don’t really change. They just get more strange as time goes on.


♫ “Generation Mind”

“Generation Mind” – Black Swan

When you haven’t learned a way to control your thoughts. From the album of the same name, coming soon.


♫ “A Living Island”

“A Living Island” – Yes

The challenge of putting your heart into your work without being captured by it.


♫ “Never Say Never”

“Never Say Never” – The Big Deal

Things that seem lost are still possible. A debut single. Album to follow this year.


♫ “Generation Mind” (audio)

“Generation Mind” – Black Swan

It’s not really about all the people around you and what they’re doing. It’s in the mind.


♫ “Save the Monarch”

“Save the Monarch” – John Hall and Dar Williams

Noticing the wonders of the world.


♫ “The Zealot Gene”

“The Zealot Gene” – Jethro Tull

Looking deeper at the impulse that makes people so ready stand in opposition to anything and everything. Title track from the new album out January 28.


♫ “Rising Tide”

“Rising Tide” – Ronnie Atkins

That moment when you know there’s something you need to do.