♫ “Snow in the Window” ♫

“Snow in the Window” – Rick Aster

Has it been a loooong year? Don’t worry — things get better.


♫ “Dream Police” ♫

“Dream Police” – Cheap Trick

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, watch out, because the Dream Police are coming to town — with a full orchestra!


♫ “Cafe Bossa” ♫

“Cafe Bossa” – Marchio Bossa

Late-night jazz from Italy.


♫ “Mr. Big Christmas” ♫

“Mr. Big Christmas” – Bah & the Humbugs

If you want to have a big Christmas this year, it pays to get an early start. Having Santa on your speed dial helps too.


♫ “Downtown” ♫

“Downtown” – Saw Doctors featuring Petula Clark

A 1965 pop hit gets the Irish party rock treatment. (SoundCloud)

Video at SawDoctors.com.


♫ “The Remembering” ♫

“The Remembering” (live 1974) – Yes

Progressive rock giants Yes reached the peak of their visionary powers with this song. A new Yes live album comes out at the end of the month.


♫ “What You Want” ♫

“What You Want”Evanescence

Hey, it’s the weekend. Do what you want. (Baeble)


♫ “Cast Away” ♫

“Cast Away” – CIRCA:

A thoughtful turn from the new album And So On. California tour begins October 6.


♫ “No Warning Lights” ♫

“No Warning Lights” – Levin Torn White

For those listeners who think progressive rock could be a little bolder when it comes to texture and rhythm.


♫ “Neutral Ground” ♫

“Neutral Ground” – Billy Sherwood

The advance video from the upcoming album What Was the Question? recalls some of the angst of the 2003 Conspiracy album The Unknown.


♫ “I’ll Give You A Ring” ♫

“I’ll Give You A Ring” – John Montagna

A song from an obscure B-side played on bass for Paul McCartney’s 69th birthday.


♫ “We Can Fly” ♫

“We Can Fly”Yes

Yes’s first single in ten years is the most famous song the band never recorded — till now. Album to follow, July 12.


♫ “Walls” ♫

“Walls” – Trevor Rabin and Roger Hodgson

This song was the second single from the Yes Talk album and the one song fans tend to remember from that album. Here is the early version of the song, sung by its two writers.


♫ “Without You” ♫

“Without You” – Rainbow Arabia

World beat new wave power pop meets laptop.


♫ “A Beautiful Lie” ♫

“A Beautiful Lie” – 30 Seconds to Mars

With summer coming, cool off with Arctic ice — while you still can. (video with Vevo commercial)


♫ “Smells Like Teen Spirit” ♫

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” (live) – Miley Cyrus

Well, okay, I know no one was saying, “What the world really needs right now is a singer who can do a really serious rendition of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ so that we can make out all the words and reduce the song to an adolescent cliche” . . . but . . . it’s Miley Cyrus!


♫ “Blue Tip” ♫

“Blue Tip” – The Cars

They took 23 years off — apparently, to learn how to make their sound even more bare and minimalistic.


♫ “Thank You Card” ♫

“Thank You Card” – Sub Clones

Noisy dance pop with questions about life. Produced by Alan Parsons, but not likely to be mistaken for the Alan Parsons Project.


♫ “Can’t Take Our Freedom” ♫

“Can’t Take Our Freedom” – Khaled M. featuring Lowkey

A rap that puts you on the front lines of the popular uprising in Libya. (Video includes violent and disturbing images.)


♫ “Beyond the Sea of Lies” ♫

“Beyond the Sea of Lies” – White

There are times when it seems as if the whole world is breaking down and falling apart. Here’s a song by White that offers a hint of direction, a light at the end of the tunnel for times like these. (Look for the link below the “Free Downloads” heading.)


♫ “Rope” ♫

“Rope” – Foo Fighters

More hope and hard-driving rhythms, from the forthcoming album Wasting Light.


♫ “we’re all broken sometimes (it’s gonna get better)” ♫

“we’re all broken sometimes (it’s gonna get better)” – Jessica Latshaw

Every February songwriters get together with the goal of writing an album’s worth of songs during the month at FAWM.org. Here is one of the standout new songs from this year’s effort, in a live recording. While you’re at it, check out a few of the thousands of other new songs that songwriters have written this month.


♫ “Better Than Today” ♫

“Better Than Today” – Kylie Minogue

It’s not so hard to make today better than yesterday — but if you want to make today better than today, you may have to take some chances.


♫ “Tequila” ♫

“Tequila” – Korpiklaani

Out of Christmas beer? Not a problem. Finland’s favorite folk-metal band just uploaded a brand-new drink you may like even better, from their album Ukon Wacka.


♫ “Rockin’ Train” ♫

“Rockin’ Train” – Joe Perry Project

A song to get the millennium rolling, and for all the commuters riding the train on the first regular day of work in 2011.