♫ “Vodka” ♫

Vodka by Korpiklaani

Finnish heavy metal with fiddle and accordion. Hard-drinking fun.


♫ “Sick Man of Europe” ♫

“Sick Man of Europe” – Cheap Trick

How to turn the British invasion into a full-blooded roar, from the brand-new Cheap Trick album The Latest. Oasis might want to take notes.


♫ “Craigslist” ♫

“Craigslist” – “Weird Al” Yankovic

No, it’s not a new Doors single. Jim Morrison, sadly, did not live long enough to comment on the Internet’s own swap meet, so “Weird Al” Yankovic had to do it for him. It may be a cheesy low-budget video, but it still has to be seen to be believed.


♫ “Calley Oh” ♫

“Calley Oh” – Billy Squier

Billy Squier’s summer tour gets underway at the end of the month. On his home page (look for the player in the upper right corner of the page) you’ll find a live performance of a song from his first album, Tale of the Tape.


♫ “Glamour Boy” ♫

“Glamour Boy” – Burton Cummings

The questions about what really matters in life haven’t changed all that much since 1973 when this song was written. A YouTube video from a concert last December.