“Going to California”

Every heartache calls for a song like this one, a cover of a Led Zeppelin classic by the singer of Evanescence.


“Hey Jude”

“Hey Jude” – The Beatles

The Beatles and a supporting cast of 300 perform their longest and longest-running hit single. The film was recently restored and remixed to promote the release of the enhanced 1+ album.


“Alone in the Universe”

“Alone in the Universe” - Jeff Lynne’s ELO (first listen)

It’s a convincing simulation of the sweeping orchestral sound of the ELO of old, and Jeff Lynne sings like there’s no tomorrow. The title cut from the new album, the first in more than a decade.


“When I Was a Boy”

“When I Was a Boy” – ELO

Way back when, a song could make a profound statement in just three minutes without any sense of hurrying. Maybe that still works. The new single from Jeff Lynne’s ELO. New album Alone in the Universe coming soon.


“No Man’s Land”

“No Man’s Land” – Billy Sherwood featuring Steve Morse

One of the most eagerly awaited albums of the fall, Billy Sherwood’s Citizen is described as a time travel adventure and boasts an impressive array of musical guests. The first video shows that even time travel does not make war bearable.



“Cherndelifer” — The Swedish Chef

You can’t ever explain where a record like this comes from. The Swedish Chef sings the Sia song “Chandelier.”


“Let’s Go”

“Let’s Go” – Def Leppard

The evolution of the lyric video, and of Def Leppard’s sound, which on the new single is almost like a cross between Queen and Kiss. New eponymous album now in pre-order.


“Running Out of Time”

“Running Out of Time” (live) – Toto

It’s 14 o’clock and you realize you’ve become a slave to the TV. Now what?


“In the Dark”

“In the Dark” – Amy Douglas

It’s a Billy Squier hit that was an explosion of guitars in the original. So imagine how it goes if you take away the guitars and play it instead on piano.



“Rise” - Todd Rundgren

There is an air of optimism around the new Todd Rundgren album. Songs like “Rise” talk about the importance of collective action.



“Renegade” (live) – Styx

Styx delivers a slightly more nimble version of this classic, helped along by the guitar work of James Young.



“FourFiveSeconds” – Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney

Maybe it sounds like an unlikely collaboration — but maybe that’s why it sounds fresh and new.


Toto XIV

Toto XIV preview

It’s a rejuvenated Toto, though considering what they’ve been through, it would have to be impressive enough just for them to do an album at all. The new album XIV is tipped as the successor to IV, the album that brought the world the band’s most memorable hit, “Africa.” The songs have an urgency and an urban feeling that might surprise longtime fans, but the sheen and careful attention to detail should surprise no one. Out in March.