Free Music: “Mincemeat”

“Mincemeat” – Bah & the Humbugs

Did you realize that one of the all-time favorite Christmas recipes was actually made out of . . . Christmas itself? (MP3)


Free Music: “Santa Hat”

“Santa Hat” – Bah & the Humbugs

Well, if everyone was wearing a hat like yours, wouldn’t you get a little paranoid too? (MP3)


Free Music: “All I Want for Christmas Is a Brand New Starship”

“All I Want for Christmas Is a Brand New Starship” – Bah & the Humbugs

Just thinking about that starship you’re going to get for Christmas will make you feel all cheerful and everything.


Hall & Oates in Colmes Tribute

Daryl Hall and John Oates made a surprise appearance on The Daily Show last night to sing a tribute to Fox News’ “token liberal” Alan Colmes, who is leaving the network shortly. The song Daryl Hall said he had just written turned out to be a reworking of the classic Hall & Oates hit “She’s Gone.” It was the final episode of The Daily Show for this year.

Hall & Oates Pay Tribute to Alan Colmes: http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=213369&title=halloates-pay-tribute-to-alan.


Free Music: “Owner of a Lonely Heart”

“Owner of a Lonely Heart” – Yes

It’s the strangest Yes lineup ever, with two Fox News staffers filling in on guitar. Yet, in a strange way, it works. (YouTube)


Free Music: “Christmas List”

“Christmas List” – Bah & the Humbugs

America’s premier satiric Christmas rock band on the one solution to this year’s financial crisis.


Free Music: “Never Gonna Give You Up”

“Never Gonna Give You Up” – Rick Astley

Yeah, I know, you’ve seen this song before. But have you seen what it looked like when Rick Astley rolled into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends? (YouTube)


Free Music: “I’m Outta Time”

“I’m Outta Time” – Oasis

Free music: In the new Oasis single, there is time for daydreaming even when there is no time for daydreaming. That’s a paradox, isn’t it? (video)


Monty Python on YouTube

Monty Python last week launched its own YouTube channel, vowing to answer “You YouTubers . . . ripping us off” with “high-quality videos delivered straight from our Monty Python vaults.”

Monty Python: http://pythonline.com.


Free Music: “I Can Drive 55”

“I Can Drive 55” – Vance Lehmkuhl and Michael Hollinger

A challenge for the new Prius drivers out there: can you get 55 mpg? (YouTube video)


Free Music: “We Just Came From the U.S.A.”

“We Just Came From the U.S.A.” – Burton Cummings

It’s authentic rock ’n roll — but is this really the same singer-songwriter who brought us “American Woman” 40 years ago? You decide!


Free Music: “Cosmos Rockin’”

“Cosmos Rockin’” – Queen + Paul Rodgers

The new album The Cosmos Rocks combines the dramatic flourishes of Queen with a familiar bluesy singing voice. Is it cosmic, or just very English?


Free Music: “Impeachable”

“Impeachable” – The Impeachables

There are more reasons than ever to impeach the President, but there is no need to wait for Congress to take action. On November 4, it’s your turn!


Free Music: “Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight”

“Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight” – The Fireman

A rambling bluesy track on which Paul McCartney provides the sort of loose, passionate vocal he often did on album tracks between 1967 and 1972.


Free Music: “Let’s Impeach the President for Lyin’”

“Let’s Impeach the President for Lyin’” – Neil Young

Rough and ready political rock from Neil Young, just in time to get you in the mood for the national election in the United States. (video also available)


Free Music: “Rock ’n Roll Train”

“Rock ’n Roll Train” – AC/DC

The electric-powered six-string express train. First stop: rock ’n roll.


Free Music: “Ode To Jane (Immortal Beloved)”

“Ode To Jane (Immortal Beloved)” — Donnie Iris and the Cruisers

Beethoven meets heartland pub rock, with wild and unpredictable results. (mp3)


Free Music: “Where Were You”

“Where Were You” (excerpt) – Jackson Browne

A new song about the way time marches on whether you’re ready or resistant, facing life or running away.