♫ “Give It Up to Me” ♫

“Give It Up to Me” — Shakira

The new album is out, with the sleekest dance pop yet from Shakira. And the new video? Anything you want in the world.


♫ “Looking for the Magic” ♫

“Looking for the Magic” – Dwight Twilley Band

An early music video, showing the Dwight Twilley Band at the peak of their success, on a song with rockabilly, British invasion, and glam influences.


♫ “Fading Like a Flower” ♫

“Fading Like a Flower” – Warmen featuring Jonna Kosonen

A Finnish heavy metal band redoing a Roxette song — because we have the technology to make the song heavier, louder, more dramatic than before!


♫ “Hey U” ♫

“Hey U” — SideStreet featuring Muffy.

Loud and obnoxious, smooth and precocious — it’s your dance-pop hip-hop wake-up song.


♫ “Highway” ♫

“Highway” – Paul McCartney

One blues song from Paul McCartney’s Citi Field concert, and the new album Good Evening New York City.