♫ “Bring Back the Time”

“Bring Back the Time” — New Kids On The Block, Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley, En Vogue

Looking back to 1989 with the costumes and staging of some of the most memorable music videos.


♫ “Closer”

“Closer” (audio) – The Fixx

That feeling when you know your direction in life. New album Every Five Seconds, June 3.


♫ “Kick”

“Kick” (audio) – Def Leppard

Bringing back that feel-good habit. New album Diamond Star Halos now in pre-order.

Originally posted March 17. Updated March 25 with official music video.


♫ “Far From Home”

“Far From Home” – Lana Lane

You journey through all kinds of places.


♫ “Addicted to Benjamins”

“Addicted to Benjamins” – Rick Aster and Paul Nordquist

You think it’s a hundred problems, and it’s really only one.