♫ “IPhone”

“IPhone” – Sparks

This song is for everyone who got an iPhone for Christmas. The song comes with a warning. Don’t get sucked into the alternate reality that lives inside that little screen.


♫ “Too Much Time On My Hands”

“Too Much Time On My Hands” – Styx

On the weekend, watching the clock tick and contemplating the meaning of life.


♫ “Real”

“Real” – Ronnie Atkins

People will look back and say that the 2020 lockdown must have been a golden age for creative arts if it produced songs like this.


♫ “A Very Merry Christmas”

“A Very Merry Christmas” – Mitch Perry Group

It’s a time for celebration and sleigh bells for any classic rock band.


♫ “You Make It Real”

“You Make It Real” – Arc Of Life

Sometimes it’s over too soon. Half of Yes in a new progressive pop album.


♫ “Dance With Me”

“Dance With Me” – Sina x Orleans

A warm and wistful Americana song of nighttime and flying.


♫ “Viva La Victoria”

“Viva La Victoria” (Live In Gothenburg) – Eclipse

The battle cry from the new live album.


♫ “Snow in the Window”

“Snow in the Window” – Rick Aster

Turn the page to December, and things start looking up.


♫ “Shot In The Dark”

“Shot In The Dark” – AC/DC

The band needs a big electric truck. Please approve this requisition. New album Power Up out now.


♫ “IPhone”

“IPhone” – Sparks

It’s been the same problem throughout history. People obsessed with their iPhones.


♫ “Grateful One”

“Grateful One” – Rick Aster

Giving thanks doesn’t have to be all quiet and introspective.


♫ “Never Saw You Coming”

“Never Saw You Coming” – Joseph Williams

So much of life is unplanned and unexpected.


♫ “Club Zero”

“Club Zero” – The Go-Go’s

Stand for something. Even zero is something.


♫ “Use My Voice”

“Use My Voice” – Evanescence

Repeat after me: I have the right to take up space in the world.


♫ “In the Air Tonight”

“In the Air Tonight” live – Melissa Etheridge

Gloom and anticipation. Ain’t the night heavy.


Abbey Road Medley

Abbey Road medley – Sina-Drums, Emily Linge, Chiara Kilchling, and Manou

A painstaking reconstruction of the most famous medley in rock.



“Chelsea” – Toto

There are some people who you can only picture in a specific place.



“Impulsive” – Orianthi

It’s so hard to pick just one costume.


“The Monitors”

“The Monitors” – Dukes of the Orient

They think they know all about you, but you keep surprising them.


“Something in the Air”

“Something in the Air” acoustic – Rick Aster

Drawing power from the spirit of the times.


“Rainy Day Man”

“Rainy Day Man” – Joey Molland

That feeling when you know where you stand.


“Let Your Heart Dance With Me”

“Let Your Heart Dance With Me” – Roxette

A track left unfinished when Good Karma was released, this song can only be described as more good karma.


“Love Won’t Stay Away”

“Love Won’t Stay Away” – Rick Aster

With love, there is no distance. That takes the sting out of an era of self-isolation.