“Until My Last Breath”

“Until My Last Breath” – Tarja Turunen

The ultimate proof of the situation may not be as far away as it seems — a perfect subject for a Gothic metal song.


♫ “Nights on Broadway” ♫

“Nights on Broadway” – Bee Gees

Sometimes when the world thinks it’s all over, they are simply mistaken. This is the song that in 1975, following on the success of “Jive Talkin’,” proved to the world that the Bee Gees still counted for something — and started the band on the most astounding run of hits in dance pop history.


“Girl in a Catsuit”

“Girl in a Catsuit” – Dave Stewart featuring Orianthi

Orianthi explains it this way: “Climbing up a wall in a catsuit just to jam out with Dave Stewart!!”