♫ “We Weren’t Born to Follow” ♫

“We Weren’t Born to Follow” – Bon Jovi

Roaring gospel rock that might remind you of another band from New Jersey. “Well let me hear you say yeah!”


♫ “True Player for Real” ♫

“True Player for Real” – MC Lars

First MC Lars invented the genre of post-punk laptop rap. Then he realized he had to introduce himself. Triumphantly. With sock puppets.


♫ “Everything Is Music” ♫

“Everything Is Music” – Deepak Chopra and Dave Stewart

A cosmic meditation on the link between music and the origin of the universe.


♫ Pentatonic Scale ♫

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Pentatonic Scale

If you’ve ever wondered whether music is an innate human ability, here’s the answer.


♫ “Parallels” ♫

“Parallels” – Yes

Inside the studio in 1976 as progressive rock band Yes records basic tracks for one of the more energetic songs on the Going for the One album.


♫ “C Moon” ♫

“C Moon” – Paul McCartney

The perfect song for a full moon in summer. This is a surprisingly durable song from the 20th century’s most noted songwriter.