♫ “Gypsy” ♫


It’s all dance and sweat in the video for the new Shakira single. If she ends up stealing your clothes, you can’t say she didn’t warn you. (video with commercial)


♫ “Finger on the Trigger” ♫

“Finger on the Trigger”Asia

The fourth studio album from the original Asia lineup is coming in just one month — and here’s a surprisingly energetic advance track, as polished as anything on the band’s first album, but going even farther in the direction of 1970s British power pop. This song pushes drummer Carl Palmer to the foreground. (MP3)


♫ “Irrational Number (Pi Part One)” ♫

“Irrational Number (Pi Part One)” – Paul Nordquist

Sunday is Pi Day — and what else could be as easy as pi?