“Stairway to Heaven”

“Stairway to Heaven” – Heart

People are talking about Heart’s performance at The Kennedy Center Honors. Ann Wilson says, “My main goal . . . was to please Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones . . . especially Plant, since all these many years he has taught me so much about singing from the soul and has given me such pleasure in his lyrics.”


“Seasons Will Change”

“Seasons Will Change” – Asia featuring John Payne

I do realize it’s the end of the Mayan calendar, the beginning of winter, and almost Christmas, and I probably should be posting songs related to one of those topics of the day . . . but . . . seasons will change!


“Empire State of Mind”

“Empire State of Mind” – Alicia Keys

For those who stayed till the end at Madison Square Garden at the 12/12/12 charity concert, this is what it looked and sounded like.


“Walk Away”

“Walk Away” – Bricklin

The 2010 singalong version of an old movie soundtrack song.


“Happy Together”

“Happy Together” – Roxette

A video editing exercise that shows that when you want to make a modern music video, having the band sing the actual song in the video is not the most important thing.



“Forward” – Bruce Springsteen

Recorded the day before Election Day, advice from Bruce Springsteen on what to do when the polls open.


“Doom And Gloom”

“Doom And Gloom” – The Rolling Stones

A song in the spirit of the times, from a band celebrating a half-century of work.



The new Heart album Fanatic is coming soon. Advance word is that the album has a bite, but this advance track is soft, thoughtful, and impeccably constructed.


“Gangnam Style”

“Gangnam Style” – Psy

It’s a Korean techno song about success, sex, luxury, and energy that barely makes sense . . . but it’s not hard to see why it’s the biggest hit in the world right now.


Boston Concert at Foxwoods

Here is a time-lapse video synopsis of a day at a Boston concert, from load-in to load-out. The Boston 2012 tour continues for a few more shows.



“Carmen” – Bill Champlin and Fergie Frederiksen

From Swedish TV4, the performers are legends and the song is about a girl that got away.


“Duquesne Whistle”

There is a reason why shady characters make you worry and taking chances can be scary. Leave it to Bob Dylan and Robert Hunter to explain.


“All for You”

“All for You” — Ace of Base

Commitment has power. It better, anyway.


“Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro”

When a dog has to endure conditions like this, how could you not write a protest song?


“Race to the End”

“Race to the End” – Jon Anderson

A new single recorded in July as a tribute to the 2012 Olympics.


“Drone Deciphers”

“Drone Deciphers” – Billy Sherwood
Who is behind those cameras in the sky, anyway? Are we free to talk about them? A deceptively quiet song from the forthcoming album The Art Of Survival.


“One Day at a Time”

“One Day at a Time” – Joe Walsh

Yes, it’s a new album from guitar hero Joe Walsh, but you can also hear the unmistakeable sound of producer Jeff Lynne.


“Not Ready to Make Nice”

“Not Ready to Make Nice” – Dixie Chicks

Sometimes the best revenge is to still be standing when your enemies have fallen to the ground.


“Don’t Frack My Mother”

From late-night television, a new 60s-style protest song against fracking.


“I Stand Alone”

“I Stand Alone” – Agnetha Fältskog

When things get scary late at night, it helps to be larger than life.


“Money for Nothing”

“Money For Nothing” (Live Aid) – Dire Straits

The Live Aid concert was 27 years ago today.


“Under Pressure”

“Under Pressure” – Queen + Adam Lambert

It’s a duet — perhaps to remind us that we are all in this together.


“Take a Chance on Me”

“Take a Chance on Me” – Abba

If you’re asking for something, bowl them over with energy and enthusiasm.


“Storm Chaser”

“Storm Chaser” – Squackett

Those who remember The Move may enjoy this new English band. Debut album A Life Within a Day out now.


“Hear the Bells”

“Hear the Bells” – Vanessa Carlton

Sometimes you just have to stay quiet and wonder. (with VEVO commercial)


“Go to Sleep”

“Go to Sleep” – Roxette

The encore doesn’t always have to be loud. Here’s an example of the way an encore can be one of a band’s quietest songs.


“Face on the Bridge”

“Face on the Bridge” – Asia

Alpha wasn’t the beginning, and Omega wasn’t the end either. Asia is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its debut album, so the new album is XXX (30, as they used to write that number in Rome). The album itself isn’t due until around July 3, but the advance single and video read like a romance novel, exploring themes you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Asia: mystery, adventure, and acceptance.


“Saved By Zero”

“Saved By Zero” – The Fixx

Live in concert last year. This year, a new tour and a new album.


“Hey Yeah”

“Hey Yeah” – Steve Miller Band

Rock is music you can clap your hands to. A legendary guitarist with a wah-wah pedal doesn’t hurt either.


“Addicted to You”

“Addicted to You” – Shakira

Another over-the-top love song in Spanish and English. (with Vevo commercial)


“Until My Last Breath”

“Until My Last Breath” – Tarja Turunen

The ultimate proof of the situation may not be as far away as it seems — a perfect subject for a Gothic metal song.


♫ “Nights on Broadway” ♫

“Nights on Broadway” – Bee Gees

Sometimes when the world thinks it’s all over, they are simply mistaken. This is the song that in 1975, following on the success of “Jive Talkin’,” proved to the world that the Bee Gees still counted for something — and started the band on the most astounding run of hits in dance pop history.


“Girl in a Catsuit”

“Girl in a Catsuit” – Dave Stewart featuring Orianthi

Orianthi explains it this way: “Climbing up a wall in a catsuit just to jam out with Dave Stewart!!”


♫ “I Heart You” ♫

“I Heart You” – Toni Braxton

Here’s a song that’s sure to be popular in health clubs. It may not quite make sense, but you can’t argue with that beat.


♫ “We Take Care of Our Own” ♫

“We Take Care of Our Own” – Bruce Springsteen

In writing the songs for his latest album, Wrecking Ball, Bruce said he tried to be simple and direct. That doesn’t mean the irony isn’t there.


♫ And You Walk Away ♫

“And You Walk Away” – Rowan Lewis

For songwriters, February is February Album Writing Month, a time for writing an album’s worth of songs and, for the more bold and adventurous, recording quick demos of them. For the music fan, that leads to the thrill of listening to freshly minted songs like this one written just last week.



“Reload” – The Unripes

When life isn’t easy, hit harder.


“Give Me All Your Luvin’”

If you thought MDNA was a bank, maybe this will clear things up. The new Madonna single, just in time for her Super Bowl appearance.



“Yes, well, naturally I’m on tour.” That’s the idea the video editing conveys in this Lights tour trailer.


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♫ “My Heart is Broken” ♫

“My Heart is Broken” – Evanescence

It’s all about building walls. Then breaking them.


♫ “The Day The LOLcats Died” ♫

“The Day The LOLcats Died” – LaughPong

A musical summary of the opposition to the Internet censorship bills currently being considered by Congress.


♫ “Bohemian Rhapsody” ♫

“Bohemian Rhapsody”Richie Castellano

What does it actually take to record an epic rock song like “Bohemian Rhapsody”? See for yourself in this video demonstration by Blue Oyster Cult’s keyboardist.


♫ “The DJ Is Mine” ♫

“The DJ Is Mine” — Wonder Girls

They are already the first Korean act to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 — can they do it again?